Our Beers

With 40 draught handles and 2 traditional beer engine hand-pumps, it’s a tough task to keep every faucet flowing. Luckily, we have an extensive list of flagship, rotating, and seasonal offerings that keep the kegs full and the styles plentiful.

Visit the taproom to see what seasonal and rotational beers are pouring

Year Round Beers

“Lilly Hammer” IPA

A somewhat complex malt and hop bill allows a smooth malt flavor to peak through the citrusy hop flavor and aroma. We like it hoppy, but we keep it well balanced. Hoppy and oh so aromatic! 7.2% ABV 65 IBU

“Sugar Magnolia” Belgian Wit

A light bodied Belgian wheat beer (Wit) with an American spin.
We think you’ll enjoy the added spices sourced locally from our friends and neighbors at Savory Spice Shop in Littleton. ABV 5.0% 15 IBU

“5th Season” Pale Ale

Unlike modern pales, 5th Season exhibits real mouth feel along with a smooth and balanced finish. Amarillo hops bring out flavors and aromatics of orange and grapefruit with subtle bitterness. A perfect example of this popular style. ABV 5.2% 40 IBU

“LoggerHead” American Lager

Straw in color that is clean, crisp, refreshing and ripe with flavor! LoggerHead is the perfect beer for those looking to take the plunge into flavorful craft beer. A simple brew made with barley malt, corn and rice. If you enjoy the “big guys” beers, then you will absolutely love this. ABV 4.9% 12 IBU

“Bloch’s Bounty” Milk Stout

Rich and creamy, this milk stout balances big notes of chocolate, sweetness from milk sugar along with a subtle background of roast. Lads and lasses alike find this beer’s smooth, chewy sweetness too much to resist. Enjoy the Bounty before you! 5.4% ABV, 30 IBU

“Blackberry Betty” Belgian Wit

Our twist on a traditional Belgian wheat (Wit) beer made with real Oregon blackberry fruit puree. Subtle blackberry aromatics enhance orange peel and coriander notes. A slightly sweet and refreshing finish makes for our most popular introductory brew for those “non-beer drinkers” and a year-round flagship. 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU

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